Digitized Diaries

This list of open-access, digitized diaries is designed to assist students and scholars interested in studying diaries in manuscript form.

I’ve written about the genesis of the list here. An essay forthcoming in A/B: Autobiography Studies explores the impact of digitization on diary scholarship in more detail.

Please let me know if there are additional resources I should add.

Alphabetized by the diary author’s last name, or by title of collective archives. Institutional hosts are indicated in parenthesis.

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Abbott, Caroline (Internet Archive)

Adams, Abzuga (Zu) (Kansas Memory)

Adams, John (Massachusetts Historical Society)

Adams, John Quincy (Massachusetts Historical Society)

Adams, Charles Frances (Massachusetts Historical Society)

Ahmad al-Salih of Bone (British Library)

Alling, Charles (Hanover)

Allsop, W.J.A. (Mosman Library)

Anonymous (Diary of a miner on the Ballarat goldfields) (State Library of Victoria)

Anthony, Susan B. (Rutgers)

Armstrong, James (Library of Congress)


Bailey, Florence M. (Smithsonian)

Ballard, Martha

Barber, Florence (William & Mary)

Barnett, Violet (William & Mary C)

Barton, Clara (Library of Congress)

Beaux, Cecilia (Smithsonian)

Beckett, Mina McCormick (Ball State U)

Bell, Alexander Graham (Library of Congress)

Beloit College Archives Diary Repository

Bennitt, John: Vol 1. Vol. 2. Vol 3. (Grand Valley State)

Blackwelder, Ruth M. (Smithsonian)

Blackwell Family (Harvard)

Bleecker, Elizabeth De Hart (NYPL)

Boyle, Robert (Royal Society)

Bradway, John V. (Princeton)

Bragdon, May (U Rochester)

Brant, J. W. (Ball State U)

Breen, Patrick (U California)

Brewster, William (Biodiversity Heritage Library/Missouri Botanical Gardens)

Bright, Abbie (Kansas Memory)

Brisbane, William (Princeton)

Brown, Joseph (U Delaware)

Brown, Theo (Worcester Polytechnic)

Brumfield, Julia

Buckley, Benjamin S. (Smithsonian)

Burche, B. F. (Princeton)

Burnett Archive of Working Class Autobiographies (Brunel U)

Burrell, Sarah “Sate”


Carter, Jimmy (Carter Library)

Carter, Robert “King” (U Virginia)

Cary, Harriette (William & Mary)

Chadwick, Helen (Henry Moore Institute)

Chapman, Fanny

Clarkson, Thomas (Abolition Project)

Civil War Diaries and Letters (Auburn U)

Civil War Diaries and Letters (U of Iowa)

Corbett, Thomas P. “Boston” (Kansas Memory)


Dargan, James F. (Cal State U Northridge)

Darwin, Charles (Cambridge)

Daum, Mildred Valeda (Indiana U)

Davis, Emilie (Villanova)

Davis, May

Diaries in the Archives of American Art (Smithsonian)

Dickens, Charles (New York Public Library)

Digital Civil War Collection: Antebellum, Civil War, and Reconstruction Era Diaries (1839-1869) (U Tennessee Knoxville)

Douglass, Helen Pitts (Library of Congress)

Douglass, Frederick (Library of Congress)

Doyle, Margaretta Hirsch (William & Mary C)

Du Bois, Alexander (U Massachusetts Amherst)

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Edison, Thomas (Rutgers)

Edmondson, Belle (Documenting the American South)

Egerton, Alfred Charles Glyn (Royal Society)

Fleischmann, Aloys (U College Cork)

Emerson, Mary Moody (Northeastern U)

Evans, Charles (State Library of Victoria)


Fairbank, Thomas (Cambridge)

Fike, Didamie Emaline Hicks (U Southern Mississippi)

Flaxman, Ann (Romantic Circles)

Fleischmann, Aloys (University College Cork)

Frankowski, Elizabeth (Toledo-Lucas County Public Library)

Fujimoto, George (U California)


Galt, Louise A. (William & Mary C)

Garriott, Ralph J. (Indiana U)

Getty, J. Paul (Getty Museum)

Gibson, George W. (Ball State)

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins (Harvard)

Glass, Jinny (U Southern Mississippi)

Godwin, William (Oxford U)

Graham, David Crockett (Smithsonian)

Graves, Jeremiah White (see also Graves’ diary on Facebook)

Graves, Robert (U Victoria)

Guevara, Ernesto “Che”

Gunn, Thomas Butler (Lehigh U)


Hall, Charles Francis (Smithsonian): Vol 1, Vol 2

Hall, Marion Spencer (Smithsonian)

Hart, Lydia H. (William & Mary C)

Harvey, Annette (Southern Methodist U)

Hawk, Norene (Ball State U)

Hawthorne, Nathaniel (New York Public Library)

Historic Iowa Children’s Diaries Collection (U Iowa)

Historical Diaries (Utah State U)

Hodgkinson, Norah Isabel

Holliday, Cyrus K. (Kansas Memory)

Hosley, Dexter P. (Princeton)

Howell, William Thompson (New York Public Library)

Hoyt, David Starr (Princeton)

Huet, Albert (U Florida)

Hunnius, Carl J. A. (Kansas Memory)


de Iturbide, Agustin (Southern Methodist U)


Jackson, William Henry (New York Public Library)

Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives (U California)

Jay, John (Columbia)

Johnson, Bruce

Johnson, L. B. (LBJ Library)

Jusando sono yon [The Thirteen Children] (Princeton)

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Kelsey, Dandridge E. (Kansas Memory)

Kikuchi, Charles (Online Archive of California)

Kimble, Sam (Internet Archive)


Lacey, E.S. “Gordon”: Diary 1 Diary 2 Diary 3 (Mosman Library)

Lake, Eva

Larnard, J. A. (Princeton)

Lamb, William (William & Mary C)

Lawrence, T. E.: Diary A. Diary B

Lazzell, Blanche (Smithsonian)

Livingston, David (UCLA)

Llewhellin, Winifred

Locke, Delia (U of Pacific)


Machen, Lewis H. (Library of Congress)

Machyn, Henry

Madison, James (Library of Congress)

Maggs, Robert (Ball State U)

Malbone, James M. (New York State Military Museum)

Martin, Mary (Trinity College Dublin)

Matthews, Zenas (Southwestern U)

Morgenthau, Henry (FDR Library)

Mormon Missionary Diaries (Brigham Young)

Morse, Samuel (Library of Congress)

Moss, William Pearce (U Newfoundland)

Mountain, Eva (William & Mary)

Muir, John (U of Pacific)

Myers, William H. (New York Public Library)


Needham, Joseph (Cambridge)

Neely, Thomas (Ball State U)

Nelson, D. W. (Ball State U)

Nightingale, Henry O. (Calisphere)


Operation War Diary

Orwell, George

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Paine, Claire Eva (Kansas Memory)

Percy, Algernon Heber (Southern Methodist U)

Peticolas, Theodore Victor (Grand Valley State U)

Pioneer Lives (U Iowa)

Pippitt, Henry (U Tennessee)

Putnam, Frederick (Ball State U)

Putnam, Sarah Gooll (Massachusetts Historical Society)


Queen Charlotte (Royal Collection Trust)

Quilter, A.W. (Smithsonian)


Read, Whitley (Grand Valley State U)

Reader, Samuel (Kansas Memory)

Reed, Charles Wellington (Library of Congress)

Ringo, Mary (Library of Congress)

Robb, Eugenia (William & Mary C)

Robinson, Elizabeth (Smithsonian)

Rogers, Henry B. (Massachusetts Historical Society)

Rosenberg, Alfred (US Holocaust Museum)

Ryan, Thomas L. (Ball State U)


Sabine, Edward (Royal Society)

Sanders, Joseph (Library of Congress)

Sasson, Siegfried (Cambridge)

Schiefer, Clara Louise (William & Mary)

Schenker, Heinrich (King’s College London)

Schulz, Augustus (Kansas Memory)

Shiner, Michael (Library of Congress)

Scott, John, Sir (Princeton)

Scott, Robert Falcon (British Library)

Sharp, John (Historical Society of Pennsylvania)

Shimek, Bohumil (Smithsonian)

Shiner, Michael (Navel History and Heritage Command)

Shore, Emily (U Virginia) [access limited]

Siedler, Amelia (U Southern Mississippi)

Smith, Mary Alta (Ball State U)

Smith, Philander (Ball State U)

Spafford, Horatio Gates (Library of Congress)

Spight, Thomas (U Southern Mississippi)

Stanton, Robert Brewster (New York Public Library)

Stevens, Lucy Pier (Southern Methodist U)

Student Diaries (Vassar)

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Taft, Horatio Nelson (Library of Congress)

Tatum, Robert (U Tennessee Knoxville)

Tennant, Stephen (National Education Network)

Thiele, Barbara (Kansas Memory)

Thorburn, Tottie (Sydney Living Museums)

Tilden, Ezra (Gilder Lehrman)

Tolstoy, Leo

Trails of Hope: Overland Diaries and Letters, 1846-1869 (Brigham Young)

Truman, Harry S. (Truman Library)

Tuttle, Sarah



Vanmatre, Cyrus (Ball State U)

Van Valen, Alexander (Smithsonian)

Vargus, Alberto(Smithsonian)

Victoria, Queen (Oxford U)

Violette, M. A. (Princeton)


W., Mrs. (U Southern Mississippi)

Walp, William Harrison

Washington, George (Library of Congress)

Waterhouse, Loyal Nelson (Princeton)

Watkins, Harry

Wight, Claire Lilian (William & Mary)

Willard, Frances (Frances Willard Historical Assn.)

Williams, Jennie

Wilson, John C. (Indiana U)

Withers, Anita Dwyer (Documenting the American South)

Women’s Travel Diaries (Duke)

Women Working, 1800-1900: Diaries, Memoirs, and Journals (Harvard)

Woolf, Virginia (Woolf Online)

Wright, Orville and Wilbur (Library of Congress)

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Zeman, Zoya (U Southern Mississippi)

Last updated: February 22, 2017

2 thoughts on “Digitized Diaries

  1. Have you used the bibliographies of William Matthews and Patricia Havlice, and the ArchiveFinder or ArchiveGrid databases, see what exists? Once you have built up a list of names you should be able to check in Google or on the holding institution’s webpages.


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