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This list of works of diary fiction is meant as a starting point. It is by no means comprehensive. Have suggestions for stories I should add? Let me know!

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What is diary fiction?

Generally diary fiction refers to works of literature in diary form but may also include “stories in which a diary serves as an important plot point, even though the story never takes diary form … This can include stories in which characters read, discuss, contemplate, search for, find, hide or destroy diaries.”

Source: Desirée Henderson, How to Read a Diary: Critical Contexts and Interpretive Strategies for 21st-Century Readers (Routledge, 2019), p.96.

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These labels are meant to assist those who are interested in a particular national literary tradition, in a particular time period, or in YA texts or graphic narrative. They are not precise and, in some cases, may be debatable. Please be understanding about the basic nature of these search tools.

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I am grateful to Sarah Clayburn for her assistance in producing this bibliography.

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Dashwood, R.M. Provincial Daughter. 1961. England, C20

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Tamaki, Mariko. Skim. Groundwood Books, 2010. Canada, Japan, C21, Graphic

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—. “Skimmings from ‘The Diary of George IV,’” The Yellowplush Corrospondence, 1838. England, C19.

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—. Eve’s Diary. 1905. America, C20


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—. Myron. 1974. America, C20

—. “Pages from an Abandoned Journal.” 1956. America, C20

Vonnegut, Kurt. Mother Night. 1966. America, C20


Walker, Alice. The Color Purple. 1982. Mariner Books, 2003. America, C20

Warner-Vieyra, Myriam. Juletane. 1982. Translated by Betty Wilson. Waveland Press, Inc., 2014. Guadeloupe, Caribbean, C20

Weston, Carol. Ava and Pip. 2015. America, C21, YA

Wiggins, Kate Douglass Smith. The Diary of a Goose Girl. 1902. America, C20

Woolf, Virginia. “The Journal of Mistress Joan Martyn.” 1979. England, C20




Zhang, Jie. “Love Must Not Be Forgotten.” 1979. Love Must Not Be Forgotten, translated by Gladys Young. Panda Books, 1987, pp. 1-15. China, C20

Zola, Emile. Claude’s Confession [La Confession de Claude]. 1865. France, C19

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